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CHAIN REACTION Winter Retreat '18

It’s the month of November and Youth Convention is over, that means Winter Retreat ‘18 is right around the corner, and this year is going to be even better than last! This year’s theme is “CHAIN REACTION” which is defined as “a process in which the parts involved promote or spread the reaction, which under certain conditions may accelerate dramatically.” That’s our desire, that the results of WR produces a “Chain Reaction” of life-altering, Jesus-encounters in each student’s life and their friends.

We are excited to announce that our speaker for this year is Ricky Spindler. Ricky is the lead pastor at Stone Creek Church in Urbana, IL. He has worked in student ministry for years and frequently communicates at summer camps, retreats, and conventions.

The total cost for Chain Reaction Winter Retreat '18 is $95. We require a $55 deposit in order to SECURE your spot by Wednesday, January 17th! All money is due NO LATER than Sunday, February 4th! We believe that this weekend will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life!


What is Consumed?

We are the middle and high school ministry of Life Gate Church.
We strive to create a family environment within our student ministry so every Wednesday Night Live is designed to encourage students to develop real connections with others. We also encourage our students to have an interactive relationship with God and to live beyond themselves.

At Consumed Student Ministries, every student is welcome! 

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